May 24, 2024

Interview About Our School

In this interview with Jessica Howe, Director of Social Media at La’ James International College, we discuss some common questions we hear from prospective students about our school.

INTERVIEWER: What unique qualities does La James International College offer compared to other beauty schools in the region?

JESSICA HOWE: La James International College stands out among other beauty schools due to several unique qualities:

HBM Degree: La James International College offers a Health and Beauty Management (HBM) Degree, providing students with a deeper understanding of the business side of the beauty industry. This distinct program equips graduates with essential skills to excel in managerial roles within salons, spas, and other beauty businesses.

Experienced Educators: With a team of long-standing educators, La James International College ensures that students receive high-quality instruction from professionals who have extensive experience in the beauty industry. This expertise enriches the learning experience and prepares students for real-world challenges.

FREE Continuing Education for Graduates: La James International College values the continuous growth and development of its graduates. Offering free Continuing Education opportunities to alumni ensures that they stay updated with the latest trends, techniques, and industry standards, enhancing their professional competencies throughout their careers.

True Salon & Spa Atmosphere Facilities: The facilities at La James International College are designed to replicate a true salon and spa atmosphere. This immersive environment provides students with hands-on experience in a setting that closely resembles the professional beauty industry, enabling them to develop practical skills and confidence.

Education Partnerships with Top Industry Partners: Collaborating with leading industry partners, La James International College offers students unique opportunities for networking and career placement. These partnerships enhance the educational experience by providing students with access to resources, mentorship, and potential job opportunities upon graduation.

La James International College distinguishes itself through its specialized degree programs, experienced faculty, commitment to ongoing education, beautiful facilities, and valuable industry partnerships, providing students with a comprehensive educational experience in the beauty industry.


INT: How do the programs at La James International College adapt to the rapidly changing trends and technologies in the beauty industry?

JH: At La James International College, our programs are designed to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to the rapidly changing trends and technologies in the beauty industry in several key ways:

Annual Program Kit and Curriculum Updates: We understand the importance of staying current with industry trends, which is why we annually review and update our program kits and curriculum. By incorporating the latest products, techniques, and technologies into our teaching materials, we ensure that our students receive the most relevant and up-to-date education possible.

Integration of Technology into Curriculum: Technology plays a significant role in the modern beauty industry, which is why we are committed to integrating it into our curriculum. Whether it’s through incorporating digital tools and platforms into our teaching methods or by including state-of-the-art equipment in our program kits, we ensure that our students are familiar with the latest technological advancements in the field.

Webinars and Industry Partner Education: We regularly host webinars and invite industry partners to provide our students with the latest information on trends, techniques, and technologies in the beauty industry. These sessions not only keep our students informed but also provide valuable insights and perspectives from industry experts.

Digital Service Menu and QR Code Technology: We leverage digital solutions such as digital service menus and QR code technology to enhance the student experience and streamline processes. This allows our students to familiarize themselves with digital tools commonly used in professional settings and prepares them for the digitalization of the beauty industry.

By continually updating our curriculum, integrating technology, providing ongoing education through webinars and industry partnerships, and embracing digital solutions, La James International College ensures that our programs remain relevant and adaptive to the evolving landscape of the beauty industry.


INT: What impact has digital technology, such as online tutorials and virtual learning tools, had on your teaching methods and student engagement?

JH: Digital technology, including online tutorials and virtual learning tools, has revolutionized our teaching methods and significantly enhanced student engagement at La James International College. Here’s how:

Social Media as Digital Portfolios: Social media platforms serve as dynamic digital portfolios for our students. They utilize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to showcase their work, document their progress, and connect with potential clients and employers. Through visually compelling posts and stories, students can effectively demonstrate their skills, creativity, and personal style to a wide audience within the beauty industry.

Encourage Social Media Visibility & Networking: By encouraging social media, our students not only showcase their work but also enhance their visibility and expand their professional networks. They can interact with peers, industry professionals, and potential clients, building meaningful connections and opportunities for collaboration and mentorship.

Computer Lab Resources: Our computer lab serves as a valuable resource for students, enabling them to access online tutorials and review lessons with ease. Whether they need to rewatch demonstrations or research specific techniques, the availability of digital resources enhances their learning experience and allows for self-paced learning.

Remote State Board Exams: The integration of digital technology extends beyond the classroom to state board exams. With the ability to take exams remotely, students have greater flexibility and convenience in completing their certification requirements. This reduces barriers to entry into the beauty industry and accommodates diverse learning needs and circumstances.

Digital technology has transformed our teaching methods by providing innovative tools for instruction, promoting student creativity and engagement, and increasing accessibility to educational resources. Embracing digital technology has enhanced the learning experience at La James International College and better prepared our students for success in the digital age of the beauty industry.


INT: In what ways does the college engage with the local community and the broader beauty industry?

JH: La James International College actively engages with both the local community and the broader beauty industry through a variety of initiatives and partnerships:

Fashion Shows and Community Events: We participate in and host fashion shows and community events, showcasing the talent of our students. These events provide opportunities for our students to gain real-world experience, network with industry professionals, and give back to the community.

High School Outreach and Engagement: We collaborate with local high schools and organizations like IJAG (Iowa Jobs for America’s Graduates) to introduce students to the exciting opportunities available in the beauty industry. Through workshops, demonstrations, and career open-house events, we inspire and empower the next generation of beauty professionals.

Industry Partnerships and Career Fairs: We build strong partnerships with industry leaders and invite them to participate in career fairs and educational events at our college. These partnerships provide valuable networking opportunities for our students, who can connect with potential employers, mentors, and industry experts, gaining insights into current trends and career pathways.


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