January 15, 2016



She’s not Wonder Woman. There’s no lasso of truth or invisible airplane. On the other hand, she is a swimsuit model and she has competed in Miss Iowa USA – and done well. She’s also rescued dogs. She’s rescued cats. She’s made the dean’s list five time and even earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Northern Iowa. (She didn’t say if she helps the elderly cross the street, but odds are good she does.)

Her name is Kirstie Stallman. She’s a student at La’ James International College in Des Moines, and she is the current cover girl for LJIC’s Buzz magazine. She’s working to get a cosmetology degree, hopefully in March of this year, and loving life in the meantime.


How’d she get here? Well…

Kirstie was eating a bagel, she was on an elevator going down, but her fortunes were about to turn up. A man got on, his bag became stuck in the door, she offered to help and he like her ‘look.’ Turns out, the guy wasn’t a creep spouting a line, he’s connected with BMG Models.

“The rest is history,” Kirstie says. She hooked on at BMG for a while, but now she’s opted for The Peak Agency in Des Moines for her nearby shoots, and Nicole Shelley in Miami for high-end beachwear and swimsuit stuff.


Kirstie is done with swimsuit competitions for now, she’s concentrating on learning how to make other people beautiful instead, and she’s enjoying her college days at LJIC.


“I love it here. My instructors are working with me so well,” she says. “They keep me on track. I have so many new friends here. I just moved to Des Moines and didn’t know anyone. It’s just been great all around.”


When she’s done with school, she plans on gaining experience at a high end salon and then setting her own course. She has an idea to start an event business where she trains people who are getting ready for a big event like a wedding or a pageant or a graduation ceremony. She’d get their nails and hair in shape as well as use her health degree to set their nutritional and exercise course straight.


She’s danced with Rockettes and she can sprint in 5 inch heels, but Kirstie Stallman isn’t Wonder Woman… She just seems to be pretty close!

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