December 23, 2016

Jump Starting your Career! 


While still in High School, Katlyn VanWolvelaere began to think about her future and what she would do after graduation. “I was a sophomore in high school and began to really LOVE doing hair and make-up. I loved trying new things and always changing looks!” When Katlyn found out that her high school offered a Vocational Class for Cosmetology at La’ James International College in East Moline where she could see LJIC students in action, she decided to attend the class to learn more about what a career in Cosmetology cold do for her. “I knew I wanted to go into a career in Cosmetology and taking the class really encouraged me to pursue that dream!” After Katlyn graduated high school, she enrolled in LJIC’s Cosmetology program in East Moline, IL and has LOVED every minute of her journey!


Though Katlyn is only in the first couple months of her training at LJIC, she has already learned SO much about the Cosmetology industry! “I have so much FUN learning make-up and hair color! I love seeing drastic changes on clients with their hair color or trying a new make-up trend on a client!” Katlyn just recently had the opportunity to attend LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition in October and had a BLAST! “I LOVED Trend Vision this year! I was unable to attend last year with the Vocational Class so I was SO excited to go this year! Seeing the platform artists was so exciting and memorable! It was incredible to see the work they did with the model’s colors and cuts!”


Katlyn credits her completion of LJIC’s Vocational Class in helping her passionately follow her dream career and given her an AWESOME support system while in enrolled in the Cosmetology program at LJIC! “I met so many friends in the Vocational Class and most of them started the program with me! I can come to school and talk to anyone! I had already met a lot of the instructors in the class and now being able to continue my training with them is great!” Once Katlyn graduates, she plans on finding a salon where she can succeed and continue to pursue her career! “I want to work at a salon and practice new techniques and really enhance my skill set! I love trying new things and a career in Cosmetology is perfect for that! No day is the same; I LOVE that!”

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