March 11, 2016

Keep an Open Mind!!

Cedar Rapids native, Dara Redmond & current Cosmetology student at La’ James International College, is ready to accomplish her goals! Dara is born & raised in Cedar Rapids and is now raising her own family in the area. After working 10 years in a warehouse she has decided to chase her dreams!

Dara chose LJIC because when she toured the campus she felt a strong connection and loved the location. Right now she is focusing on attending school full time. Life has not always been easy, there have been road blocks like transportation, but she has learned it is okay to ask for help. “LJIC has been very helpful and I have found other community resources; I just had to learn to reach out and ask for help.”

Every dream is worth the sacrifice and that is exactly what Dara Redmond is accomplishing! HER DREAM! “This has been the best journey of my life! I’m getting the tools and skills to do what I love as a career! I plan to work in my friend’s salon & spa and hope to be one of the best nail techs in the city while offering a variety of services with a Cosmetology License!”

“I have always loved to be creative with arts and crafts! And Nail Art is my Favorite!” Dara is so happy to be following her dreams and Dara says, “I would love to be an educator someday and teach others and help them fulfill their dream!” Dara’s advice to others looking to start their dream “be confident and believe in yourself and know there is nothing you can’t do! Always keep an open mind and continue to learn and grow!”

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