February 9, 2016


Today’s Teacher Tip comes from Mr. Robert Campbell…

“Don’t let the distractions make you lose sight of your goal, which is graduation.”

Mr. Campbell is a Massage Therapy instructor at La’ James International College in Des Moines. He has been educating & working with students for 7 years.

“The best part of teaching is when that light bulb finally goes off for students after I know they have been having a hard time.” – Mr. Campbell

Graduates & current students also enjoy the time that Mr. Campbell takes, the fun & the unique analogies that he uses to make sure every student in the room understands.

“The best part of class is my instructor, Mr. Campbell. If I don’t understand, he doesn’t move on. Mr. Campbell has a way of breaking it down so everyone in the classroom understands the material.” – Jovan W. (Massage Therapy Graduate)

“I came to LJIC because after talking with Mr. Campbell I knew I would not be let down with my education. Mr. Campbell is the BEST teacher! I love massage anyways but he makes me love it even more.” – Cherie C. (Massage Therapy Graduate)

Mr. Campbell is an LJIC Graduate himself. He attend the Cedar Falls campus before becoming an educator at the Des Moines campus.

“I would recommend LJIC because I believe in the program and what it can do for you.”  – Mr. Campbell

TBT : Did you know… Mr. Campbell can be found in an early edition of the LJIC Buzz Book? Check it out… 🙂

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