February 9, 2016


Monica Rae attended La’ James International College in Johnston. She enjoys her career, making people look their best and she is loving her unique marketing promotion.

Free haircuts… FOR LIFE. That’s what a recent news story said Monica Rae, an LJIC alum from the Johnston campus, will soon give to a lucky customer. We had to talk to Monica to find out if it was true.

“Are you really doing this? A lifetime of free shampoos and cuts? Till death do you part?” We questioned the Newton Hairstylist.

Till death do you part? It’s a question that is usually asked of adoring lovebirds standing at an alter chirping about having and holding, cherishing, etc. But not this time.

“Pretty much,” Monica casually replied.

She went on to lay out some of the details. She said that in order to be entered in the drawing, you must purchase at least one paid service.

“It can be an eyebrow wax, haircut, color, anything,” she said. “There is a one entry, per day, per family limit. Anytime till September 1st.”

Monica also said that the free haircuts would be nullified if she had to move away for some reason. But Monica has been styling hair in Newton for five years, she’s owned her own shop called Just Teasin’ Hair Studio for three and she isn’t planning on leaving.

“I’ve always lived in Newton,” she added.

Is Monica Crazy?

It’s better to give than it is to receive. That’s what Monica believes. She’s done this promotion once before, and it worked out great for everyone. She gained a few paying clients, and one lucky person was thrilled to win the prize.

“She was really excited that she won,” Monica said, “She comes in every six weeks. Her sister also now comes in.”

Of course, the sister doesn’t also get free cuts, but that could change if she wins this year’s contest.

“This is a good way to give back to the community and get my shop’s name out there too,” Monica said. “I’ve gotten a bunch of new clients from it.”

So there you go. Monica Rae is indeed giving away a lifetime of free haircuts. La’ James International College salutes our former student for her ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit!

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