October 4, 2016

LJIC #TuesTimonial with Kaitlyn Bernhard!

Meet Kaitlyn BernhardCosmetology student at La’ James International College in Iowa City! See why she chose LJIC to start her journey!

“When I first came here, Admissions was really supportive. She saw herself in me & I saw myself being a part of this group.”

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What were your fears & excitements when you first started school?

“My fear was am I good enough to be in the industry? Do I have talent? And meeting new people can sometime be difficult. Excitements were that I get to do something my aunt did & follow in her footsteps.”

What was your first appointment & how did it go?

“It was a Wedding party. I did a half up, half down & makeup app. It went well, I was kind of nervous since it was my first one but she really liked it in the end.”

What would you tell someone interested in the industry & LJIC?

“This is an amazing program. The teachers are really great. Your first teacher really supports you all the way through and really helps you to the end.”

What has been your favorite thing while at LJIC?

“I really like classroom work but I also really like Rallies where we all get together and are a community.”

Thank you Kaitlyn for sharing your experiences & for participating in today’s #LjicTuesTimonial.


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