February 9, 2016


Meet Bevy Savitski, a Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Fort Dodge. See what fears & excitements she had when first starting school…

“My fear was my age. I was worried about my age because I chose to start my career later in life. After starting school I realized that this was not an obstacle at all! I was excited to finally start something that I have always loved and have always been passionate about!”

We asked Bevy, What LJIC educator has made the biggest impact on you during your journey so far?:

“Ms. Jorgenson has made the biggest impact on me because no matter how many times I had to ask a question she would explain it to me in numerous ways until she and I were both certain that I understood. I loved the hands on training with her and always looked forward to learning something new everyday!

Why LJIC?:

“When I toured LJIC the atmosphere was fun, hands on and I felt like it was a good fit for me.”

Thanks Bevy for sharing your experiences and for participating in today’s LJIC TuesTimonial!

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