January 19, 2016


Meet Toccara Hogan, a Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Des Moines. Toccara tells us why she chose LJIC…

“Admissions was very nice and friendly. They gave me the extra push that I needed to start school.”

Do you remember your first appointment?:

“It was a men’s haircut. I was terrified. It went great though because my instructor was right there to help me along the way.”

How has LJIC brought out your best?:

“Doing appointments that were out of my comfort zone. By doing them, I have been able to get more comfortable along the way.”

What would you tell someone interested in LJIC?:

“Go for it! You get to be creative, you have lots of fun & you have a flexible schedule. – I am in the distance education program.”

Thank you Toccara for sharing your experience and for participating in today’s LJIC TuesTimonial!

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