June 14, 2016

LJIC #TuesTimonial with Yessenia Zapata!

Meet Yessenia Zapata, Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in East Moline. Yessenia shares with us what advice she would give to someone interested in the industry..

“Don’t just make it a hobby, like a summer time job. Make it something that you love to do! Be open to everything and anything new that is out there. Be creative and let your artistic side out. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and do things you never thought you could do. I never thought in a million years I would ever put some crazy, fun colors in my hair and here I am having purple hair. Just have fun and make it your own in whatever you do!

We asked Yessenia, “What was your first appointment & how did it go?”:

“My first appointment was a clipper cut. I was told by one of my instructors that I had turned red in the face like a tomato. I was very nervous & I couldn’t stop asking questions. My mind had gone blank BUT my instructor was by my side and walked me through the whole service. Everything turned out great & I found myself laughing and having fun with my client!”

Why did you choose LJIC?:

“I chose LJIC because not only do I love doing hair but they also offered more training in other things such as makeup, facials, reflexology, etc. Things I was not fully trained on at the other school I was attending.” 

Thank you Yessenia for sharing your LJIC experiences & for participating in today’s#TuesTimonial!

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