March 12, 2018

How to Keep Hair Dye From Fading?

How to Keep Hair Dye From Fading?

Color is a growing trend in the world of Beauty. Its high fashion and can add that extra needed pop to any haircut or style. Maintaining vibrant hair color can be a challenge, but with the right care routine, you can keep your hair looking their best.

Tips and Tricks to Keeping Your Hair Color Brighter

Below are some tips and tricks to keeping your color brighter and fresher for a longer period of time:

  • Temperature Matters: Preserving Color with Cool Water

Shampooing your hair in cooler water will help to lock in the color. Hot water can open the hair cuticle letting some of the color you just spent $$$ on go right down the drain.

  • Prolonging Color Vibrancy: Shampooing Frequency

Extending the days between your shampoos with help keep your hair color looking fresher longer.

  • Investing in the Right Products: Color-Preserving Formulas

Using professional products and products specific to color preservation will help seal in your color molecules for a fresh looking color after each shampoo.


LJIC offers a Color Lock-In Treatment made specific to Rusk’s DeepShine color line. Spray into the hair while wet and then style as normal. Color Lock-In helps to seal the cuticle & to combat fading.

  • Protect your hair from sun damage

People often forget that the environment itself can cause fading, such as sun rays and salt water during a vacation. Make sure to always follow your professional shampoo with a conditioner to help close down the hair cuticles to shield the harmful environment.

  • Minimize heat styling

To preserve your hair color, minimize heat styling to prevent damage and color fading over time.

Preserving Color Brilliance – Wrapping Up

Preserving your hair color is straightforward with our simple and effective pieces of advice. Maintain vibrant hair color by shampooing with cooler water to seal in color, and invest in color-preserving products. Additionally, protect against environmental damage by using conditioner after shampooing and minimizing heat styling.



Pictured & Author: Abby Chaney : Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College in Iowa City.

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