October 30, 2015

Make me Pretty

Helping people. It’s something that Rosemary Salts has always been passionate about. Recently, a young girl entered the salon atLa’ James International College – Fremont and sat down in Rosemary’s chair. The girl was with Easter Seals, a non-profit charitable organization that helps kids with autism and other special needs.

“Make me pretty,” the girl said shyly. This lone request didn’t give Rosemary much to go on, but she went to work putting her new training from LJIC to the test.

“The more curls the better,” the girl added as the two eased into conversation.

Rosemary gave the girl an up-do along with plenly of curls. Then she applied makeup and did the girl’s nails. When they were done, the young girl had never felt so pretty before.

“She lit up the whole room,” Rosemary recalls. “It gave my heart a wonderful feeling. I knew I made a difference.”

And that’s not all she knew. She also knew she’d made the right choice going to LJIC and cosmetology school.

A decade. That’s how long Rosemary Salts worked as a floral design specialist before changing careers. For ten years she poured her heart into making the world a prettier place. She loved the challenge of making things beautiful and she was good at it too. She’d even risen to the top spot in her company for floral design. That sounds great and it was, but then the economy tanked, it was the higher paid employees who were shown the door to cut payroll.

There’s an old saying: Fool me once, shame on YOU. Fool me twice, shame on ME. Rosemary wasn’t interested in begging fooled again. She wanted more security with her next career move.

As long as people have hair, they’ll need someone to cut it, style it and keep it healthy. And if there is one profession that will never be outsourced to India or China, it’s the job of a hairstylist. Even in the toughest economic conditions, people’s hair will grow and the person cutting it will need to be in close physical proximity, not half a world away.

These are all good reason to enter the cosmetology industry, but for Rosemary, the decision was much simpler.

“My passion is making people happy,” Rosemary says, “The look you see on a client’s face after you’ve made them like how they look, that’s worth everything to me.”

Rosemary chose LJIC after being impressed with their instructors and how knowledgeable they were in the cosmetology arts.

“I don’t think I could have found a better school.” she says.

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