November 5, 2015


“You cannot go back and make a new start, but you can start now and make a brand new ending”

Today’s teacher tip comes from Mrs. Kelley Monson, a Career Planner at La’ James International College in Fort Dodge.

Kelley was a LJIC graduate herself! 30 years ago she graduated from the Cosmetology program. After owning her own salon, she decided to take a step away from the chair and started working in the Admissions Department at LJIC as a Career Planner. Now 11 years later, Kelley can’t imagine her life without La’ James International College.

“I chose LJIC 30 years ago because everyone told me it was the place to be. Now, I am the one telling the perspective student that this is the place to be! Over the years I cannot believe the facility our students get to train in. LJIC offers so many more opportunities than other schools. I wouldn’t be where I am today without my LJIC training!”

We asked Mrs. Monson what is one piece of advice she would give to a new student?:

“Take advantage of the ICCC Health & Beauty Management Degree. I wish they had this program when I went to school. I actually took the program and graduated in 2009 with my AAS Degree and learned so much that I could have used in operation of my own salon.”

Thank you Mrs. Monson for the great quote & for sharing your LJIC experiences!

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