November 25, 2016

Maximize Your Ambition! 


Martha Swartzentruber always had a passion to help people. When it came to choosing the right career after high school, she knew she needed to find that perfect fit! “I had always loved doing hair and make-up and knew I could pursue a career in cosmetology! A cosmetologist has the ability to help someone feel GREAT about themselves and really give them confidence to be their best selves!” Martha had explored cosmetology schools in her area, but wasn’t sold on which to attend until visiting La’ James International College in Iowa City“I came here last winter for a Christmas event and toured the school. After the tour and learning more about LJIC, I knew this is where I could pursue my passion!” 

Currently enrolled in LJIC’s Cosmetology program in Iowa City, Martha is LOVING learning more about the industry and improving her abilities! “Cosmetology school is SO fun and interesting! I’m learning so much and getting to know lots of GREAT people! Learning cutting and coloring techniques are definitely my FAVORITE thing right now!” Martha admits, there were some challenging times in the first couple months of Cosmetology school, but credits her supportive family and a classmate that encouraged her to pursue her dream! “It was hard at first to find my place and where I’d fit in at school. I have a friend that I’ve known for many years completing the program with me and we support each other a lot! Also, my family has been so encouraging and that really helps me validate that this career choice is what I want to do!”


Though Martha won’t graduate till later next year, she is already thinking about her future with a degree in Cosmetology! “I definitely want to work in a salon in my hometown. There is a couple salons in the town and I LOVE the atmosphere of them! That is where I see my future as a Cosmetologist!” Till graduation, Martha looks forward to learning even more about the beauty industry and what it can do for her! “I started college right after high school and that was a big step for me! I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to get to know more people and embrace this career choice! I’m SO happy I took this chance! It was difficult at first, but you just have to stick it out through the first couple months and know that there will be challenges, but that YOU can get through it!” 

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