July 29, 2016


Cosmetology students at La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids, Sandy andMicah Bandfield are a mother-daughter duo taking on Cosmetology school and the industry TOGETHER!!!

Micah had originally wanted to come to LJIC for the Massage Therapy program, but before her tour she had realized her passion might be for Cosmetology instead, “I had always LOVED playing with hair and doing all sorts of designs with it!!” After Sandy graduated high school, she worked and raised her family – all SIX kids – though she had always wanted to attend Cosmetology school, “I enrolled in LJIC to fulfill my lifelong dream of getting a degree in Cosmetology.” 

Both from the Cedar Rapids area, Sandy and Micah were driving through Lindale Mall’s parking lot when they saw LJIC and decided to stop by. “LJIC was perfect for us since we’re both from Cedar Rapids and this was a perfect time in our schedules to go to school TOGETHER!”

Sandy and Micah will soon move to the clinic floor where they are so excited to start taking clients and have more opportunities to show off their hard work and dedication! Some of the training Micah has enjoyed so far are the spa services and colors where Sandy LOVES learning new services and practicing them all, “I LOVE it all, this is such a great experience for both of us!”Sandy and Micah have taken full advantage of all the opportunities LJIC has to offer! Both are currently signed up to complete advanced classes such as, Path to Perfection and Satin Smooth! They also are both on the Student Ambassador Team and achieved nearly perfect attendance all while working full time overnight shifts during the week. Sandy said, “It’s always a struggle when you’re working a full time job but we knew it was a commitment and NOW IS THE TIME!!”

Though they won’t graduate till next year, Sandy and Micah have already been thinking about where they will go next in their Cosmetology careers! “We’d like to open our own salon and work together!” Family is the most important thing for this mother and daughter team so the decision to start school together came easy for Sandy and Micah! “There are so many things going on but starting Cosmetology school has been so worth it so… DO IT NOW!”

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