September 14, 2018

One small task that can change your day!

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Ok, so we’ve grown up listening to our parents tell us constantly, “Make your bed!”. But come on, by the time you get home you are basically just jumping right back into the sheets. Why on earth make the bed? Well… Actually… there are a few good reasons.


It starts your day off on the right foot

It may seem like a small task, but this little accomplishment creates positives vibes for the rest of the day.

It encourages you to keep the rest of the space clean

Think about it, the largest space in our room is the bed. When this simple task is complete, the floor space looks minimal. So… grab those clothes, toss them in the hamper, throw out any garbage & put your shoes back in the closet. EASY & DONE! 


Lowers stress & improves your mood

Decluttered or clean… call it what you want. Clean Space, Clean Mind, Clean Life! Who doesn’t agree with this saying?


You’ll find yourself more productive throughout the day

Completing this simple task will give you a sense of pride and will encourage you to seek success & more accomplishments throughout your day.


& Lastly…

Let’s face it, jumping into a freshly made bed feels FANTASTIC!!


** September 11, 2018 is National Make Your Bed Day.

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