September 2, 2016

Opportunities are Endless!

Sometimes, you just need that EXTRA push to follow your dream!


La’ James International College’s student, Wanda Conway, happened to get that extra push from her husband! “I had started to work with Massage Therapists as a Physical Therapy Assistant and got really interested in the opportunities a career as a Massage Therapist could provide.”Wanda was weary to enroll and learn more about the program at first, being a non-traditional student, so her husband did it for her! “I had been talking about how I love the Massage Therapy industry so much that he came in and spoke with a Career Planner, gave me a call, I came in and was enrolled that day!” Now, she is set to graduate the program later this month from LJIC Fort Dodge!


As a student at LJIC, Wanda has loved learning new massage techniques and treatments. Though she remembers how nerve-wracking that FIRST client can be! “My very first massage was the scariest thing. I didn’t know if I was going to do it correctly but after I finished I had the GREATEST feeling. I thought, ‘YES YOU CAN DO IT! BRING IT ON!’ It was just so crucial for me to get over those initial jitters at first and tell myself I can do it.” Wanda loves to connect with her clients and learn more about how each one is completely different so not all massages and treatments are the same. Her method has proved successful as she has multiple re-books with clients weekly!


Wanda’s journey at LJIC has been surrounded by great classmates, helpful instructors, and endless amounts of learning opportunities. “I have LOVED all my training! This has just been a wonderful experience! The people make it so worthwhile” But her biggest support system has come from the person who encouraged her to enroll the most, her husband. “My husband always says, ‘If you want to do something, you have to get out there and do it.’ So I’m doing it and I couldn’t be happier!” Her time at LJIC is almost through and she looks to the future knowing all the countless avenues a career in Massage Therapy can take someone! “I’d like to stay in the Fort Dodge area and work privately for a while; but eventually, I’d LOVE to work with athletes and learn more about Sports Medicine.” Wanda has some GREAT words of advice for anyone who is contemplating a career in Massage Therapy or the beauty industry! “Try to stay as POSITIVE as possible! If you suit up and show up to your goal, good things will happen!”


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