December 16, 2016

Passion is Everything! 

While classmates were anxiously waiting to dance the night away at their High School Prom, Shelby Rohan worked behind the scenes; doing her friends’ hair and make-up before the big dance! From a young age, Shelby had always dreamed of a career in Cosmetology after spending time in her Grandmother’s salon! “I always enjoyed going to my Grandmother’s salon, I practically grew up there! I knew I wanted to be in this industry! In High School, I always did my friends’ hair for prom and never went!” Since High School, Shelby found success working for a life insurance company yet, she knew of her passion for beauty and decided NOW was the time to pursue it! “It took a long time to get here, but I absolutely LOVE this industry!”


Shelby is currently enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids and just recently transitioned from the classroom to the clinic floor! “I love being able to work with clients! Talking with them and hearing their stories is really great! The adjustment and fear that I had of taking clients was overcome with confidence in my skills and a positive attitude!” While at LJIC, Shelby has taken advantage of the all the opportunities LJIC has for their students! She is currently a Student Ambassador“I really like being an ambassador! It gives me the opportunity to get out there and speak with prospective students who are interested in this industry and it’s just been SO exciting here! With the ongoing contests, travel to shows/competitions, and the extra education experiences with stylists and different areas of the industry! LJIC definitely offers more with their education!” 


Though Shelby will not graduate till next summer, she is already jumping in to working in the industry! “I work as a receptionist at a local salon here in town. I’d love to continue to work there after I graduate! Though one day, I’d like to have a chair rental or appointment only position! Being at this LJIC location, in the mall, is a GREAT way for me to network and get my name out there!” Shelby credits hard work and determination for getting her to where she is at in her education today! “I had to overcome my own fears and not let them stop me! Just getting out there and doing it was really reassuring! If a future in the beauty industry is your dream, take the plunge and DO IT!”


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