October 28, 2016

Practice Makes Perfect!

Perfecting two looks on the morning of a competition is not only stressful, but very daring! la-james-international-college-fremont---dianna-miller

La’ James International College Fremont Cosmetology student, Dianna Miller, took the challenge and earned THREE awards from LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition held earlier this month! “I woke up at 2:30am the day of the competition to prepare and my models were up at 3:00am! I wanted my looks to be PERFECT!” Dianna won 2nd AND 3rd place in the Trend Vision Total Look competition, as well as 2nd place in the Makeup Competition“I couldn’t believe I left with THREE awards! All my practice, hard work, and the early morning was all worth it!


Dianna was inspired by coral and water for her 2nd place winning look. “I saw these pastel colored coral plants and knew I wanted to base my look off of that! On one side of my model’s face I used the pastel colors with make-up and added diamonds for the coral plant look while on the other side, I wanted it to look like waves crashing on a beach so I incorporated the blue and made the hair look like waves.”


For her 3rd place winning look, Dianna was inspired by the Greek Goddess, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt and forest. “She loved nature and animals so I really wanted to give her that look. I made the leaves gold and incorporated the outfit colors on her face with her makeup. When I was choosing what to do with her hair, I decided on making it into horns so it coincided with the story of Artemis and her gold horned doe!”


Dianna’s final looks required a lot of trial and error before the competition! “I was constantly changing ideas! I would change the make-up a little then I’d find myself changing the outfit as well! It took a lot of hard work and complex thinking to totally finalize my looks!” Dianna was SO thrilled and excited when she found out she had won 3rd in the Total Look Competition that she didn’t even hear her 2nd place announcement! ”I ran to the stage, and fell, when they called my name for 3rd! I was so shocked! Then, when they announced 2nd place, I was just standing there and didn’t realize I had won till my other model came walking towards me! It was so surreal and exciting!” Dianna credits hard-work and perseverance for winning three awards at the competition! “If you want to compete, GO FOR IT! Just know you need to practice your look beforehand! Whatever you do, keep practicing! It might seem scary and like a lot of work, but you have to do it!” 


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