March 9, 2017

Pursuing Success and Happiness! 


Bobbi Jo Bass has loved the idea of being a Cosmetologist since she was a little girl; so when it came to pursuing her DREAM career, she knew right away what she was meant to do! “I knew I wanted to be a Stylist for a very long time. When I was kid, I would always play with other people’s hair and practice different styles!” When Bobbi Jo got the opportunity to pursue her passion, she took no time finding the perfect school! “I have three amazing kids that are now older so it was the right time to achieve this goal! I came in to La’ James International College in Cedar Falls and after the tour, I knew right away that THIS is where I wanted to go! I filled out an application and enrolled the same day!” Bobbi Jo is currently enrolled in LJIC’s Cosmetology Hybrid 3-Day program. “This program worked very well for my busy life with 3 kids!” 


Bobbi Jo’s journey at LJIC has been filled with one of a kind opportunities and success! “My journey has been AMAZING! LJIC truly comes together even on bad days. Everyone is pushing everyone to succeed and work out of their comfort zone. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve learned and can’t wait to be in this industry!” Bobbi Jo is a frequent winner of the Weekly Service and Retail Sales awards as well! “Winning those awards is great! It pushes me more to try and continue to be the best I can be!” Last fall, Bobbi Jo attended LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition in Des Moines, and looks forward to attending America’s Beauty Show in Chicago with her LJIC classmates! “Trend Vision was just mesmerizing! I was blown away by the styles, the creativity, and the shear talent! I will be going to Chicago at the end of this month for ABS; I’m SO excited to experience that!” She credits her AMAZING instructors for her continued success while attending LJIC! “Mrs. Seliger has helped me so much! She has been so supportive! She has pushed me to never stop learning or trying!”


Bobbi Jo will graduate next month and already has BIG plans for her future! “After I finish the Cosmetology Program at LJIC, I have already accepted a position working at a salon and will be coming back to LJIC in August for the Teacher Training Program!” Though her journey is far from over, Bobbi Jo understands that struggles and hardships can bring you down, but YOU have to push and show the world wrong! “This wasn’t easy, and it has taken work, but if this is truly what you want, DON’T EVER GIVE UP! My dream is to be successful in both my career and with my three amazing children! When I got this opportunity to pursue this lifelong dream, I had to take it! I continue to push harder and make that happen!”


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