January 8, 2016


In just over a year, LJIC student Bradly Bish has transformed his career path. Originally from a town with three stoplights, he’s giving himself the green light to one day head out to California.

About one year ago. That’s when Bradly Bish walked into La’ James International College for the first time as a student. It was December so the temperature was cold outside, but inside the Iowa City campus of LJIC, Bish felt like something good was about to happen.

Bish had previously tried the traditional college thing but four years schools aren’t for everyone, he’d decided they weren’t for him either. He wanted something else for himself.

Small town Iowa. That’s where Bish is from, he’d grown up in Bloomfield, a small Iowa farm community near the Missouri border. It has three stoplights, three gas stations, and one heck of a hairstylist who happens to be Bish’s aunt. He used to visit her shop regularly to watch her work and she’s the one who originally taught him to curl hair, in large part, she was his inspiration.

“I’ve been around [cosmetology] my whole life,” he says.

Fast forward to now and things are really heating up for Bish and his future. He’s getting everything done he set out to do a year ago. He’s scheduled to complete his cosmetology degree in January – two months early. He recently completed his state board exams and passed – so check that off the list. His resume is written and his portfolio is full of awards and accomplishments, in fact, Bish recently took first place in the classic contemporary class at LJIC’s Trend Visions 2015 and came in third place in the Avant Garde category.

“Unexpected.” That’s the first word out of his mouth when we ask how it felt to win those awards, then he pauses for a second before continuing. “Exciting. A great feeling of accomplishment. I wish I could do it again.”

And he might. The up and coming cosmetologist isn’t going to stand still. He has plans to one day move to California and do runway hair.

“That’s my dream and it’s going to come true,” he says. “Everything’s ready to go.” 

Bish credits LJIC for helping him grow and for nurturing his talent. He regularly recommends the school to others.

“Absolutely my best choice in my life,” he says “It’s like a family. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.”

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