August 13, 2018

Set Yourself up for Success


By Aundreona Whitfield : College Administrator, Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge.

How amazing is the feeling that you have completed your hours and are one step closer to your dream? Your educators, mentors, administrator, friends, family and you [your-self] have waited for this day for what may seem a lifetime. All the hard work, practice, competitions, tests and Finals have paved the way for this day. Now you’re off to take the most important test of all, your boards!

The most important thing to remember about taking your boards is to BREATH!


Second, take a self-care test.

  1. Do you wait until you are exhausted before you stop working?
  2. Do you forget to eat nutritious food and substitute junk food?
  3. Do you say you will exercise and then put off starting a program?
  4. Do you have poor sleep habits?
  5. Are you constantly nagging yourself about not being good enough?
  6. Are your relationships with people filled with conflict?
  7. When you think about the future are you unclear about the direction you will take?
  8. Do you spend most of your spare time watching TV?
  9. Have you been told you are too stressed and yet you ignore these concerns?
  10. Do you waste time and then get angry with yourself?

Answer the questions honestly and score yourself 5 points for each yes.

  • 0-15 says that you take pretty good care of yourself, but you would be wise to examine the questions you said yes to.
  • 15-30 indicates that you need to rethink your priorities.
  • 30-50 is a strong statement that you are neglecting your self and may be headed for high stress and burnout.

You must take care of you first! Everything else will fall into place.

Arriving to school on time through out your schooling will only benefit you. Having the necessary tools for note taking such as highlighter, paper, pen and your listening ears will take you a long way. When something is not clear during class or note taking make sure to always speak up, clarification is key. Place a “*” next to a word or phrase that your unsure about so you can ask your teacher for a more in-depth answer at a later time.


When studying for your boards don’t cram study. Break your studying up into 15-20 minute studying sessions. Have a healthy snack such as an apple in between, drink plenty of water and do some mild exercises. Learning and studying for your career should be fun and inviting not a chore. Just remember you will be tested over multiple different topics so look through your book and make note of which chapters you will need to study more but still make sure to break those chapters into sections as to not cram study.


As we know from working in the beauty industry confidence can make or break a new haircut or color.  So be confident within yourself, put your shoulders back, keep your head held high, walk into the testing site and own it. Speak your success into existence.  


Pictured & Author: Aundreona Whitfield : College Administrator, Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge.


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