June 28, 2018

Summer Hair!  

Girl on beach
By Emily Winegarden : Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge. 

Lazy Lake days while floating around & soaking up all the sunshine is what summer is all about.  When those warmer temperatures FINALLY come around, we’re ready to hit the pool, lake and/or beach! One important thing that always comes to mind, protect your skin from those harsh sun rays! We all know to apply sunscreen for protection but what about our hair? The hair is an appendage of the skin.  So why are we not concerned with protecting it too? I have a few tips to share with you to keep your hair looking it’s healthiest all summer long.  


           We all know that the sun is hot and can be overwhelming to some.  Before your hair turns into a desert dryland remember these simple tips.  First, MOISTURE! Moisture is your hair’s best friend.  We need to replace the moisture that we lose from the suns heat, chlorine and salt water.  A deep conditioner once a week and using a conditioner every time you shampoo is a must.  But, don’t forget to also use a leave in conditioner!  Keep a small bottle in your purse or beach bag to replenish moisture on the go and keep your hair quenched.

           My second tip is an oldie but a goodie… DRINK YOUR WATER.  Yes, you have heard it all your life and here I am telling you again.  Our bodies need water to function properly.  When it’s those hot summer months and were sweating (yes all of us) we lose even more water.  We need to make sure to be refueling our bodies.  Drink up!!


           Next up, styling!  When it’s 95 degrees with a heat index of 102 and its 70% humidity, the last thing you want to worry about at the beach is your hair style.  One of the best feelings in summer is when you finally get to pull your hair up off your neck & into a ponytail at the end of the day. But wait!! Don’t make that ponytail too tight.  Tight ponytails cause the sweat to be trapped by the scalp causing clogged hair follicles.  Choose a loose bun style instead so your hair and scalp have room to breathe.  Now don’t think that we forgot about people with short hair.  Choose a hat or scarf to keep the sun off your scalp but be sure to choose a hat that is breathable.

           Chlorine from the pool and salt water from the oceans can take a toll on our hair.  They remove the natural oils from our hair causing it to become dry and brittle.  Something to keep in mind is that hair absorbs water like a sponge.  Once the sponge is completely wet it will not soak up any other liquids.  This is why it is important to wet your hair before getting in the pool or ocean.  Getting your hair wet with good water first makes it so that your hair cannot absorb the bad stuff found in pools and oceans.  


           And last but not least make sure you are still visiting the salon on a regular basis.  Going to get those dry ends cut will keep your hair in tip top shape and looking its healthiest.  Also, your stylist can recommend what deep conditioner service you need.  Who wouldn’t want to take a break from the heat and get pampered in the nice airconditioned salon.  They can also tell you what take home leave in conditioner would work best for your hair.

           Always remember to make the most enjoyable time of your summer but remember your hair (and skin) when you are out on those hot days. 

By Emily Winegarden : Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge.

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