November 18, 2016

Take Charge of YOUR Future!

Gloria Torres had always had a passion for the beauty industry, though she wanted to wait for the perfect time in order to follow her dream career“I was working as a CNA in California for 15 years while my daughters were growing up. They moved to Iowa and I followed them!” Now that her kids are older, Gloria knew this was the PERFECT time to fulfill her lifelong dream! “I knew I wanted a great career and understood the dedication it takes in order to be the best at it, so I enrolled in January and never looked back!” Gloria is currently a Cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Fort Dodge and is absolutely LOVING her choice! “Attending LJIC was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. My instructors see the BEST and push you to achieve and do better!” 

While attending LJIC, Gloria is a valued member of the Ambassador team! “I became an Ambassador three months into my program! I LOVE being able to talk with new students and leading them on tours! I inform them on how amazing the program is here at LJIC and find it rewarding when they start and develop a love and appreciate the program as much as I do!” When Gloria first started in the program, she was timid to learning new things and techniques. It wasn’t until further in her program where she learned how beneficial learning new practices can be! “Once I started to understand the program and knew my purpose, I was more open to learning new methods and appreciate different inputs on new styles! If I was feeling discouraged, I was open to advice from my instructors in order to take a different outlook on a problem. I love all the knowledge I’ve gained from incorporating different ways to do something!” 

Though Gloria is currently enrolled in the Cosmetology program at LJIC, she has her sights sent on dual-licensure next! “I love applying make-up and practicing different looks! Once I graduate from Cosmetology, I am going to enroll in the Esthetics program at LJIC in order to learn more about skin care and make-up! I want to further myself and stand out in this industry!” Gloria knows there can be tough times while pursing your passion, but she thrives off staying positive and knowing it is all worth it! “You have to realize that this is a commitment but the end result will be SO WORTH IT! If you feel you can be a part of this AMAZING industry, you have to work it, live it, love it, and experience it! I’m at a new level in life and I LOVE IT!”

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