March 4, 2016


Clay Schauer – Des Moines Campus – Cosmetology

Attending College in Jamestown, North Dakota taking general studies trying to figure out his place; Clay Schauer, now a student at the Johnston La’ James International College campus, wasn’t finding his “niche” in the traditional college world. He ended up withdrawing from the University in Jamestown and started working the restaurant and bar scene looking for his place in the world. He even tried life in California for a while but found that he missed the Midwest and needed to be closer to his family.

Eventually he finished his degree and life brought Clay to Iowa where he found La’ James International College. Clay was enrolled to start Cosmetology 3 different times since 2000 but there was that voice of self-doubt in his head telling him he couldn’t do it so having cold feet he canceled starting classes. But his desire to be in the Hair and Makeup industry kept bringing him back, Clay recalls, “I would catch myself walking by salons and looking through the window being fascinated and watching the stylist doing hair.” So in October of 2015 he decided to follow his desire and TAKE the RISK, he started at LJIC in Johnston, Iowa.

Clay regrets waiting the fifteen years it took him to start studying a career he LOVES but he is not looking back. “I love being on the salon clinic, it is like getting REAL salon experience. I know exactly what to expect when I start my career. With each service I find myself competing against myself and challenging myself to be the best stylist.” One day Clay hopes to become a Platform Artist or maybe eventually he might go back to California to get involved in film hair and makeup. “Iowa is the granddaddy of Cosmetology licenses; I know that no matter where I go I will have those 2100 hours and meet other states requirements for licensure. I can’t imagine only having 1200 hours; 2100 hours is SOOOOO necessary!”

Finding his “NICHE” took some time for Clay Schauer but he has found his ideal Career! He love’s seeing others light up with a turn of the chair and a look in the mirror. His advice to anyone that is holding back on starting their dream career, “TAKE THE RISK!!”

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