February 16, 2019

The Beauty of Kindness

Being kind is important for everybody, and it’s also vital if you’re an aspiring beauty professional. Working with people implies helping them and being kind to them. In this blog post, we explore kindness and list 20 simple acts of kindness you can choose from.

A Pause for Kindness in the Midst of Life’s Chaos

With our crazy & hectic lives, we sometimes forget the simplest of things… kindness. Who else can relate? We get so caught up in being angry and frustrated at the obstacles we are thrown each day. Eyes are rolling, sometimes our fists are clenched, you find yourself mumbling angry words & dwelling on the negativity. But when this happens, pause and take a moment to yourself. It’s time to reflect and make a change!

Cultivating a Culture of Kindness and Positivity in Everyday Moments

Let’s bring a little more kindness & positivity into our days. And not because we have to but because we want to! We know how painful it can be when others are not kind towards us but that feeling you get when someone does show you kindness is amazing!… And it is contagious! Your positivity & happiness brightens your day & effects those around you. They see it & they feel it.


Where to start?

We’ve got 20 simple acts of kindness… choose 1 or choose all… but encourage yourself & others around you to fill everyone’s day with kindness:

1.    Say Please & Thank You, everyday!! It’s amazing how quickly we forget our basic manners. A Thank You can go a long way.
2.    Smile & make someone’s day a little sweater.
3.    Say “I Love You” to your family & friends. In our busy routines it can be so easy for us to forget those close to us.
4.    Listen & pay attention
5.    Pause before you speak. Think about the words you are about to say & choose words with a positive intention.
6.    Offer a hug.
7.    Invite someone new into your friend circle.
8.    Mend a friendship with someone who has hurt you.
9.    Send out a kind email or text. Better yet… a card!
10.  Give someone a genuine compliment.
11.  Help clean up, without being asked.
12.  Hold open the door for the person behind you.
13.  Give up your seat!
14.  Encourage a friend or family member, especially when you notice they are feeling uncertain or unmotivated.
15.  Strike up a conversation with a stranger
16.  Let someone into your lane while driving.
17.  Give your time to someone who needs it.
18.  Pick up the trash, even if it’s not yours. Next time you see a soda bottle in the parking lot, just grab it & toss it!
19.  Challenge yourself & remove compliments & curses for one week.
20.  Make a donation or volunteer.


Remember that kindness is a choice and it’s like a muscle, it gets stronger the more you use it or weakens if you don’t. The more we choose kindness, the more it becomes natural. Which ways will you show kindness today?

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