May 13, 2016

Third Time is a Charm!!!

Before enrolling at La’ James International College; Heather Forsyth was involved with the beauty industry for about 25 years! “I worked as a district sales representative for a product company. From there I moved to a district sales representative for a chain of salons and eventually I owned my own salon. I took a salon of 4 employees to a salon of 20 employees and added a spa to the salon.” There was always something missing for Heather in all that time in the industry; the ability for her to be behind the chair and perform services! So Heather enrolled at LJIC in Cedar Falls, “I decided that now was the time in my life to achieve my licensure!”

It has been a long road to Cosmetology school for Heather; this is actually her third attempt at completing cosmetology school before choosing LJIC. “I started at another Cosmetology school in the area and it was not what I expected; I felt I was not receiving the guidance I wanted so after 4 months I withdrew from the college. Then a few years later I visited La’ James International College and felt at home! The instructors at LJIC are so AMAZING and HELPFUL!!! I was ready to start and was at Orientation when I received a call for a job opportunity that I could not pass up so I put my start on hold.” Five years later Heather is about to graduate from La’ James International College! “The 3 Day Cosmetology program made it possible for me to come to LJIC and complete my lifelong dream! I am a Non-Traditional student or should I say ‘life experienced’student so being able to work, raise my family and attend school just 3 days was a huge part of my success!”

Heather will be graduating at the end of May but her Journey at LJIC is not over! “I am enrolled to start the Teacher Training program in June; having dual licensure is very important to me.”Heather is looking forward to being able to impact and prepare students to go into the field. She wants to show students all the opportunities that this industry has to offer. “There is no other Cosmetology school I want to be a part of; I cannot wait to become a part of team LJIC! LJIC instructors are AMAZING, HELPFUL, WILLING TO GO ABOVE AND BEYOND! They believe in us even when we may not!”

Heather’s Advice to others that are waiting to get started on their PASSION“In a year you’ll wish you would have started today! I could be done now! Don’t put it off! Don’t give up!”

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