January 27, 2017

This IS Happiness! 

After ten years of working for a door manufacturing company, Tami Linn knew it was time for a career change!


When considering what she should do, her family encouraged her and supported her to pursue a career in Massage Therapy“I really wanted to be doing something different, career wise. At family gatherings, I was always asked to give massages- my family and I knew pursuing a career in Massage Therapy was something I could really excel in!” Tami is currently enrolled in the Massage Therapy program at La’ James International College in Des Moines where she is on track to graduate at the end of next month!


Tami’s journey has been full of surprises, rewards, and lots of fun! “It is SO rewarding when the material we are learning finally clicks! Learning all of the muscles and other materials can be difficult, but I just keep studying and practicing! I also LOVE to see the relief in a client after a session. When they tell me ‘You will go far in this industry,’ it is really rewarding and memorable!” Tami also got an opportunity to be a Rusk Model during their LIVE demonstration at LJIC’s annual Trend Vision Competition last October! “That was something that I had never experienced before! It was really incredible to be a part of that; though my 4 year old daughter thought my PINK hair was pretty drastic!” Tami has also been rewarded with perfect attendance and top service provider for multiple weeks during her program! Though she has had many AMAZING moments at LJIC, her first client service was definitely one she will never forget! “I forgot my timer on the first client I ever took! I had no idea until we had started. From that point on, I started to get into a rhythm so I could better time my massages for my clients!” 


Though Tami’s journey will end at LJIC in only a couple weeks, she is already looking forward to the next steps on this new career path she chose! “After I graduate, I would like to either work in a Chiropractic Office in my town or at a spa. I would LOVE to have my own business and eventually will plan on making that dream a reality!” As for choosing LJIC, Tami was inspired by the energy from the students and staff in the campus! “I don’t regret this decision to start a new career at all! I am already SO much happier after making the change! You have to take responsibility for your actions! Life is what YOU make it. Never compromise what your future could be because of the challenges you face today!”

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