December 8, 2020

Tips to Beating Static Hair

There are a lot of different ways to deal with static in your hair. Using an Ionic blow dryer like helps to get rid of frizz and static electricity for smooth-looking hair with a faster drying rate!


Another way you can help eliminate static is by spraying a good amount of hairspray onto a brush, then brushing your hair while it is still damp. 

Using a plastic comb or hairbrush will create more static since they are non-conductive. Try using a wooded or metal comb instead, they will help get rid of static.

We cannot control the air everywhere we go, but if you are experiencing static in your home, try getting or turning on a humidifier which will improve air quality and help with static!


Lastly, carry a travel size hairspray or a leave in serum with you. Just a couple sprays or drops can help get rid of the static.

Sources: Redkin

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