October 7, 2019

Tips for Helping Clients Handle Hair Loss

From: Behindthechair.com. : Here’s how you can help your client with cancer handle hair loss

  1. When your client first tells you she has cancer, don’t respond with big eyes and a fearful gulp. Loyal clients trust you and you’ll be one of the first people she tells about her diagnosis. Help her through this process.
  2. Select a wig based on the client’s features. Select the best hair possible. Look at a client’s age, face shape and their natural hair, whether they still have their hair or a picture of it.
  3. It’s important to take your client’s lifestyle into consideration when selecting a wig. For example, if a client is really sick, they likely won’t have the energy to maintain their wig on a daily basis. They need a wig they can throw on quickly and head out the door.
  4. Have fun with the head shaving process! Chances are your client is hesitant about parting with her natural locks. Take away that fear by shaving her hair into fun styles rather than shaving it clean off.
  5. Make it a family affair! If your client is a mother, encourage them to bring the kids. It gets the kids laughing at mommy’s fun new style, such as a Mohawk instead of crying because she has cancer.
  6. When cutting and styling wigs, treat them like you would extensions. When cutting extensions, you would never cut them blunt because your client would look like a doll. Same goes for wigs. Grab your texturizing shears; de-bulk and texturize but never cut it blunt and it shouldn’t look like a wig.
  7. Be patient with your client. 99 percent of the time clients fall in love with the first wig he or she selects. The other one percent can be a nightmare. That one percent hasn’t accepted their diagnosis yet and are most likely scared of wigs because they seem old-fashioned. Patience is key.

Source: From: Behindthechair.com. : Here’s how you can help your client with cancer handle hair loss
This post was written by Behindthechair.com and Martino Cartier

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