September 22, 2017

Tips to Increasing your Followers


Hashtags are important – You definitely want to create your own hashtag and stay dedicated to it. Promote this hashtag everywhere you post or market yourself: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, website, blog, business cards, radio, etc. Hashtags are a great way for people to share and find content about you and your business all in one spot. Your hashtag is just as important as your website address. Promote it, don’t expect people to just know it.

Instagram allows you 30 hashtags in each post… USE THEM ALL! Hashtags bring an audience to your post. It’s great to be creative & funny with your hashtags but you also want them to be relevant & trendy. Do some research and learn what hashtags are popular [that are relevant to your content]. Remember, hashtags bring an audience to your post… so choose the ones people are using and get those people to your page!


Follow similar pages – Have you ever noticed that Instagram & Facebook like to suggest you friends & pages? And, have you noticed the pages & people they suggest are very similar to other pages you like or similar to the interests you have? Ok, so put the pieces together… If your page is all about beauty, you follow all sorts of beauty pages & you use popular beauty hashtags… then your page is probably one that will be suggested to others when searching for a beauty page to follow.


Don’t be shy – After you found some pages to follow, start conversing with them! Comment on their posts and interact with them regularly. Become a name they recognize!… Become their friend!

Tell a story – With Instagram, the picture is important but you also want to have great captions. Engage your audience: give them something they want to comment on & talk about. If your audience finds your captions relatable, funny or interesting, they will more than likely share with their friends.


Check out what’s going on in your area – Another great way to get noticed is simply looking to see what’s going on in specific areas near you. For instance, when searching on Instagram, visit the “places” option and type in your city. Look for what is currently trending and make your posts relevant to what is going on. Remember to include those similar hashtags AND don’t forget to follow some new pages! Become a name people know in your town.


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