Tips to Relieving Stress

  • Published on January 4, 2018

    Holly Droigk, Massage Therapy student at La’ James International College Cedar Falls, shares excellent Stress Relieving tips for you to try!
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    To help relieve stress and negative thoughts, try this simple self-soothing method. It is believed that each finger represents an emotion.

    Thumb: Anxiety & worry

    First Finger: Fear

    Middle Finger: Anger & resentment

    Ring Finger: Depression & sadness. It is also responsible for better decision-making skills.

    Pinky: Self-esteem & stress. It also increases optimism and confidence.


    To balance Life Harmony, grasp each finger with the opposite whole hand. Hold it for 1-2 minutes. You will know it is working when you feel a pulsing sensation. 

    To calm your whole mind, press your thumb into the center of the opposite hand for at least 1 minute.

    Holly demonstrates these simple steps in the video below.

    Find more DIY tips at La’ James International College

    Some stress is normal and even necessary. But an abundance of stress can take a toll on your life and your health. Remember to take care of yourself.


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