September 4, 2015


Vision. It’s the ability to imagine and create. To see things others don’t, or can’t, or won’t. Vision is to take something ordinary and create something extraordinary. That’s the task set in front of LJIC students every year…

Trend Vision is a fashion and beauty competition hosted by La’ James International College for its students. It’s something special and unique and it’s something none of its competitors duplicate.

The tension inside the event is thick. The un-halting hands of LJIC’s best student-stylists are working feverishly, skillfully making last second improvements on fashion models posing for photographers.

The eyes of each designer are intent and unblinking. Each of these students came with an idea. Each expects to win.

The models hold still as they’re frantically plucked at, and pruned, and primped. The tiniest edge can be the difference between winning an award or being honorable mention.

A stream of gawkers are walking slowly by, they each crane their neck in an effort to understand the cutting edge fashion costumes.

Inside the convention hall, bright lights bounce all over everywhere. Energy collides with craziness and commotion abounds. Every onlooker is captivated.

The fashion industry professionals have turned out for the event. There are cosmetology vendors with tables lined up by the dozens, there are TV cameras, and there are massive screens everywhere.

“Developing a keen eye to identify fashion trends, nurturing creative talent that’s trained to magnify unique ideas, that’s what this event is all about. That’s what La’ James International College is all about,” says LJIC President Cindi Becher, “We nurture creative talent and mold people with active imaginations into skilled technicians. We help people put ideas into action. Trend Vision is a big part of that.” 

The tension will be thick at Trend Vision 2015, there’s no doubt about it, but the visions will be clear. Would you care to come and see?

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This year we celebrate 10 years of LJIC Trend Vision. Take a look at past speakers & winners… 

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