March 7, 2017

Spray Tanning at Cedar Rapids with Mystic Tan

The weather is getting warmer, and it’s beginning to feel like Spring…FINALLY! With the warm weather comes the shorts, the flip flops and of course, the tan! We all know that tanning beds are not the best option. Sunless tanning and tanning products is where it’s at! Therefore, at La’ James International College Cedar Rapids, we have the Mystic Tan, and we’ve prepared a simple and easy tutorial on how to use it.

Using the Mystic Tan – Simple Tutorial

Check out our Cosmetology student Jasmine Bertram as she demonstrates the steps to achieving the perfect sunless tan using the Mystic Tan.

Step 1

Begin by choosing your color of choice [Light, Medium, or Dark].

Spray tan Cedar Rapids

Step 2

Choose the scent that you prefer.

Spray tan Cedar Rapids

Step 3

Remember to grab an Accelerator &/or Bronzer. The Accelerator will help your tan process in 3-4 hours instead of 6-8 hours. The Bronzer will give you instant color while you wait for your tan to process. TIP: The bronzer is water soluble and will be removed after the next wash in cold water. To avoid the risk altogether, do not wear tight fitting or light colored clothing right after your tan application. 

Spray tan Cedar Rapids

Step 4

Press Start! The machine will warm up and begin to give you voice commands.

Mystic Tan how to use

Step 5

While the machine is warming up. Do not forget to grab your foot stickies, ear & eye protections, barrier cream and hair bag. You will want to protect all areas that should not be tanned. TIP: For the best results, exfoliate before your tan. Remove any dry skin to ensure and even application.

Mystic Tan how to use

Step 6

Next, step into the machine and simply follow the voice commands. You’ll see how easy and effective a beautiful tan can be without wasting money on sub-par spray tanning products.

Mystic Tan how to use

Step 7

After your tanning application, avoid getting wet for 4-6 hours. This allows your tan to develop. Your tan can last up to a week. TIP: If you are a person who routinely likes to workout or swim, it can fade a little sooner. Avoid quick fading and help your tan last longer by moisturizing daily. 

Spray tan before after

Wrapping Up

Thank you, Jasmine, for the demonstration and for participating in today’s #LjicTuesTorial! Book your next Mystic Tan at La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids today! Call 888.880.2108!

(*Mystic tan is only available at our La’ James International College Cedar Rapids location)

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