December 9, 2020

We are in the business of People

What does it mean to be in the business of people? The beauty industry is an amazing industry that is ever changing. We do what we do because we get to be creative, but more importantly we get to make people feel great. This career is beautiful because we are not doing the same thing or seeing the same people every day. The beauty industry is as unique as the clients that sit in our chairs. We all have something that we are passionate about, something that when asked about can make us light up like a Christmas tree. For some of us, it is cooking, or gardening, or salsa dancing. But have you ever met a business owner who was just head over heels in love with their inventory? Despite how amazing a product may be, that owner is excited not for the inventory itself, but for the client who is going to fall in love with it. We are investors and our clients are our products. But the great thing is, our customers invest in us as well. It’s the most amazing business partnership.


The health and beauty industry is so unique in that we hold an immense amount of power, we have the power to make someone feel great, to relieve pain, to tap into their unfounded confidence and to maybe take a new course in life. Every client that sits in our chair or lays on our table is unique. They all have their own story and reason to come to us. We are not just here to cut hair or massage a client or wax eyebrows, we are here to make you your best self. Our customers are not numbers, they are not just a haircut or a wax, they are a brush stroke in the painting that is our industry, every color and stroke has a purpose and meaning. As practioners we pour into our clients, we want to make them feel amazing. You can get a great haircut anywhere, just like you can buy a great shirt anywhere. But why do you go to your stylist? Why is your favorite store your favorite? Is it because of the product? Or is it because of the experience? What made that experience great? Was it the music? The lighting? Or was it who you interacted with?


A quote that I absolutely love is “Customers will never love a business until the employees love it first” Simon Sinek. (Sinek) Just how powerful is that? The amazing experience you have is because of the employees!  Happy employees create happy clients, and when you have a company that pours into their employees that is exactly what you get. What does a company that pours into its employees look like? Is it a company that caters in bagels on Fridays or sends out a form letter for the holidays? No. It is a company that believes in the family structure, it encourages its employees to grow as both a person and an industry professional. A company that pours into its employees understands that growing pains are a part of growth and supports the employee through it. A great company cheers the successes and supports during the losses. A great company realizes that the lifeblood of it is the employee. A company that sees its employees as bodies on the line also tend to see higher turnover. No one wants to work for a company that believes everyone is easily replaceable. (Waggoner)


At LJIC we really do believe that we are in the business of people. We are growing stylists, estheticians and Massage Therapists. We are not just educating new professionals, we are forming a new generation of the health and beauty industry. And you, the customer gets to experience the birth of a brand-new product, unique in every way. That product is the newest industry professional!.

Sources: Simon Sinek & USA Today.

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