December 8, 2020

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy, a method that employs water to maintain health and fitness. It is used for rehabilitation, recovery, training and conditioning.


Hydrotherapy uses the physical properties of water to achieve successful outcomes.

  • Buoyancy: Creates a weightless environment that alleviates pressure on joints, supports weak muscles & improves balance deficits.
  • Viscosity: Creates resistance
  • Hydrostatic Pressure: Creates pressure or weight against a body part to help decrease pain and edema.


Hydrotherapy is used to treat many illnesses and conditions including:

  • acne
  • arthritis
  • colds
  • depression
  • headaches
  • stomach problems
  • joint, muscle, and nerve problems
  • sleep disorders
  • stress

It is also commonly used for relaxation and to maintain a person’s state of health. Hydrotherapy is also excellent for reducing or relieving sudden or long-lasting pain.


  • dramatically increasing the elimination of waste, thus assisting detoxification
  • loosening tense, tight muscles and encouraging relaxation
  • increasing the metabolic rate and digestion activity
  • hydrating the cells, improving skin and muscle tone
  • boosting the immune system, allowing it to function more efficiently
  • improving the function of the internal organs by stimulating their blood supply

Source: Swimex

Did you know that LJIC has a Hydrotherapy Tub and offers Hydrotherapy Massage at some campus locations? Call 888.880.2018 to learn more & book your appointment today!
All services performed by students under instructor supervision.

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