October 20, 2017

What to expect during competition…

Trend Vision is LJIC’s biggest annual event! Full of exciting Demonstrations from Industry Professionals, excellent Guest Speakers, Industry Partners, Student Spirit and of course… AMAZING COMPETITION! We met up with 2 guest judges from Trend Vision 2017. They shared insight as to what they expect & look for while judging. Definitely take these helpful tips and save them for the next time you compete!

Cameron Kepford

Cameron Kepford, owner & stylist at Haus of Heir and graduate from La’ James International College Davenport tell us what he is looking for when judging Trend Vision competition entries. Cameron is no stranger to competitions; He has travelled all over the world & his resume is rather impressive for being in the industry for 1 year! Cameron shares great tips he has discovered while personally competing. “Definitely remember to pay attention to those fine details when creating your looks.” We are so proud of Cameron and we look forward to seeing what he does next in the Industry.


Doug Ziminski

Doug Ziminski, owner of Leedz Salon tells us what he is looking for when judging Trend Vision competition entries.

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