October 27, 2018

What to expect this Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin

By Emily Winegarden : Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge.

It’s that time of year where the Holidays seem to fly by and here we are already, October! First up in the run of holiday’s is an industry favorite… the shrieks, shrills & everything spooky about All Hallows’ Eve, aka Halloween! A time when we get to relive our greatest childhood memories and ignite our imaginations & creativity! Here are a few of the top trending Halloween ideas & décor for 2018. 

Makeup by Ashley C. from La’ James International College Des Moines.

Gone are the days that girls have to try and dress in those cutesy little sexy costumes.  This year you will definitely be seeing more of the girls impowering themselves with strong willed costumes. With all the latest comic trends now-a-days, we could be seeing girl power costumes such as black widow to even super women.  We can even expect classics such as Rosie the Riveter.  Now is the time to be girl power strong.

Makeup by Ashley C., Madeleine K. & Jake A. from La’ James International College Des Moines.

Another hot trend for Halloween 2018 is going to be “friend” costumes.  They are definitely the new couples’ costumes we are so used to seeing.  So, grab your group of friends and get creative.  Need some ideas? How about Mario and Luigi, angel and devil, and maybe even Netflix and chill.  You may even see those three favorite witches of ours from Hocus Pocus! Remember, be creative and have fun!

With all the crazy over crime dramas lately, you can definitely expect to see them tying into your Halloween fun. Crime scene drama Halloween parties are going to be a big trend this year.  You can visit many different online sites that will actually send you everything you need to throw a “Clue” themed crime drama party.  Giving everyone who attends a persona and you work together to find the killer!  They even give you drink and food ideas to coordinate with your chosen party them!

Move over Christmas, Halloween is coming in and with all the new décor options, people cannot wait to get their house & yard decorated! Some trends that we may see for Halloween are going to be very modernized.  You will see cement pumpkins, steel skulls very industrial type decor. Also, you may see modern geometric designs skull shaped planters and personalized Halloween themed terrariums. Gone are the days of window clings and gaudy decor.  

Lastly, remember to enjoy the holiday and let your inner child strive.  Ignite your imagination and let your creation shine.  This time of year only comes once so enjoy it while you can! 

By Emily Winegarden : Licensed Cosmetologist & Educator at La’ James International College Fort Dodge.

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