November 27, 2015


Kylie Cox is thankful for a great year and is determined to make 2016 even better!

This is what winning feels like… Kylie Cox looked down and saw there was a notification on her phone from Instagram. She put down her Xbox controller and took a break from Call of Duty so she could open the message.

“No way,” she thought and shook her head. “This couldn’t be.”

She blinked her eyes in disbelief as the fantastic realization set in: She’d won the giveaway.

Kylie is a cosmetology student at La’ James International College in Cedar Rapids. Her favorite makeup artist is Alexys Fleming, a 22 year-old esthetician who hosts a YouTube channel named Madeyewlook (pronounced “Made-YOU-Look). In an attempt to draw attention to November being Diabetes Awareness Month, Alexys was doing a huge giveaway of Nyx makeup on Instagram. To be entered, you just needed to “regram” the photo with a fact about diabetes in the description.

Kylie admired Alexys for her artistry skills, but she also admired her for standing up for causes she cares about. Kylie decided to participate in the contest.

“I won’t lie, [when] it started off [I was] doing it for the makeup,” Kylie said. “Eventually I kind of stopped caring about the makeup and decided to try and get other people involved.. I knew the chances of me winning were little to none. To my surprise, I did win the makeup!”

Kylie won more makeup than she can count, there are at least 60 lipsticks, at least a dozen blushes, all kinds of foundations, eye shadows, mascaras and too much other stuff to list.

And that’s not all Kylie has won this year. She recently placed third in the Ofra Makeup Competition at LJIC’s Trend Vision 2015 – a fashion, style and beauty runway show competition. She’d just begun her schooling so she didn’t expect to place so high.

“I decided to do the Cheshire Cat from the video game Alice: Madness Returns. I won and freaked out,” the up-and coming makeup artist said, “I about had an anxiety attack on stage! My goal is to get first place next year.”

Kylie says she fell in love with LJIC during her tour of the school.

“I loved the atmosphere, class sizes, and that everyone was like a family,” she said. “I really love the school and I’m glad I went this route.”

Kylie Cox is thankful for 2015. It’s been a great year. Now she’s planning on making 2016 an even greater year.

What do you have planned for 2016? Contact LJIC at 888.880.2108 today and start making your dreams come true.


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