March 3, 2017

Your Time is NOW! 

Growing up in Mexico, Maria Renteria had always dreamed of a career in Cosmetology…..


Maria moved to Schuyler, Nebraska when she was 13 with her family where she graduated high school and has lived ever since. “I have loved doing hair since I was little. I would play with dolls and cut their hair. I went to college after high school for business technology but I found that career choice wasn’t really what I wanted to pursue. After 12 years of being a full-time mom, I decided to pursue my Cosmetology career!” Maria is currently enrolled in the Cosmetology program at La’ James International College in Fremont! “I had a friend come to LJIC and she told me how much she LOVED her journey! So, I decided to call and get more information. I loved the tour and could see myself having fun here! LJIC was my BEST option for pursuing my career!” 


Maria’s journey at LJIC has been filled with learning and exciting new opportunities and challenges to experience! “Learning haircutting and coloring has been very exciting to me because I can help the customers get the look they want and make them feel great! I LOVE taking clients! I was nervous at first since my English is not perfect, but with the help of my instructors and practice, I was able to gain the confidence and now have many clients who re-book!” While enrolled, Maria has also had the opportunity to participate in many student competitions where she gets to show off her work! Though Maria was nervous about competing initially, she was able to overcome her nerves with a positive outlook! “Competitions were difficult for me at first. I am not a competitive person, but I compete to have fun and feel good! I even won the up-do competition between myself and my classmates!” 


Though Maria won’t graduate till the end of this year, she is already thinking about what to do after she completes her program! “I have a friend that works in a salon in my hometown and I’d love to work there once I graduate! Later, I’d like to open my own salon!” Maria started her journey towards her DREAM career with a positive attitude and lots of support! “If you’re thinking about becoming a part of this industry, JUST DO IT! You will LEARN! You will have FUN! You will feel like your BEST self! There is NO limitations or boundaries in the beauty industry!” 


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