December 18, 2020

Do’s and Don’ts of Dry Skin


Understand your skin. Dry, or Alpilidic skin is deficient in oil, but may also be lacking hydration because it is dehydrated. While Dry skin is a skin type that cannot be changed without going through the natural aging process or a life event such a pregnancy or menopause, it can be managed. The first thing to figure out by going to your esthetician is whether your skin is dry, a combination and dehydrated or compromised. If the skin is truly dry it is not producing enough oil. Dehydrated skin is lacking water. Other telltale signs of dry skin are an almost poreless appearance, flakiness, tightness after cleansing or showering and fine lines.


Know your ingredients! Products are not one size fits all! A product made for oily skin is just that, made for oily skin. The ingredients used will be different and may make your dry skin drier. Avoid products with astringent qualities which reduces excess oil, which you do not have. Also avoid charcoal in products as charcoal binds with oil to deep clean the pores. However, there are certain alcohols that are great for dry skin and those are fatty alcohols commonly labeled as Cetyl, Stearyl and Cetaryl alcohol.

Layer power products for the best result! If you have dry and dehydrated skin using a creamy cleanser, followed by a hydrating toner, followed by a serum with Vitamin E, C and Hylauronic Acid. Hylauronic Acid is great for Dry dehydrated skin because its molecules bind with and hold 100x its weight in water flooding the skin with hydration. Follow with a moisturizer containing noncomedogenic oils to lock in that moisture. And don’t forget Sunscreen


Don’t forget to gently exfoliate! A gentle enzyme peel or a scrub can give just the right amount of exfoliation to allow your products to work to their best ability! Your products cannot penetrate through layers of dry dead cells!


Most importantly, SUN PROTECTION! Dry skin lacks oil and oil lubricates and makes the skin appear younger for longer. Dry skin tends to look crepey and wrinkled sooner than oily skin. To look youthful for as long as possible, wear sunscreen daily. Not just when you are going to be outdoors. The majority of our sun exposure occurs when we aren’t realizing it such as when you are driving to and from work or school.  

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