May 4, 2018

Rinsing your color right down the drain

Beautiful multi color hair

By: Taylor Welty: Licensed Cosmetologist & Instructor at La’ James International College Des Moines.


When we get sick we go to the doctor and they prescribe us with antibiotics, then we feel and look better. When we go to the “hair doctor” [aka hairstylist] they prescribe us hair products, and then our hair feels and looks better. Our hairdressers are not recommending professional products to be a salesperson or to make a profit, we truly care about the integrity of your hair.  


Color is all the rage right now; from pastel pink to vibrant violet.  We spend a lot of money to get our hair colored & we want that color to last as long as possible. [Check out this fantastic article on Maintaining Your Color by Mrs. Chaney from LJIC Iowa City] Using professional products will help you preserve that color you love.  Professional products have many great benefits compared to non-professional. To be honest, products that you buy in a salon are just so much better for your hair than any drugstore.

Some great benefits from professional products are:

Color Protection
UV Protection
No Wax Preservatives
Conditioning Ingredients
and building the hair from the inside out, just to name a few.

Also, professional products are very concentrated. Meaning the bottle will last longer because you don’t need that much of it. Typically, drugstore or non-professional products are made with wax preservatives [or “fillers”]. All these products are really just coating the hair to make it shine & not restoring it like we want. With non-professional products it is very hard to keep that nice color you just received because it has little to no color preserving qualities.


Next time you go to your favorite hairstylist, really listen to what products they are recommending you! Remember they are trying to help you!

By: Taylor Welty: Licensed Cosmetologist & Instructor at La’ James International College Des Moines.

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