September 4, 2019

Most Common Hair & Beauty Superstitions & Myths

beauty superstition myths

Friday the 13th… a day that some people laugh off, while others shy away in fear. In honor of the day, we have gathered a few of our favorite Health & Beauty Superstitions & Myths.

Our Selection of Top Superstitions & Myths

  • Cutting your hair will make it grow faster
  • Lose an eyelash? Place it on your finger, make a wish & blow. But remember… don’t tell anyone your wish or it won’t come true.
  • Cutting your nails on a Friday or Saturday will bring you bad luck.
  • If your eyebrows meet, you are destined for riches! I wonder if drawing them to touch counts? Hmmm….?
  • Keeping a lock of hair from a baby’s first haircut will bring it good luck.
  • When you get a haircut, you must burn the hair. Throwing it away brings bad luck.
  • Beware… don’t pull that gray hair! Pull it & 3 more will grow in its place.

grey hair superstition

  • And we’ve all heard of this one… break a mirror & you’ll get 7 years bad luck.
  • Brushing your hair in the morning seems like a pretty simple task. I mean, what harm could come from that? Oh but wait, better hold on to it tightly! Drop your brush or you will experience disappointment in the near future.
  • Tanning… Some believe it’s “a must” in order to look good? Hmmm, I wonder if your skin agrees?
  • Apparently only the strongest & bravest of individuals can handle “the dreaded hear” of a strong massage. Are you strong enough?
  • Are you currently experiencing one of those painful little red annoyances known as… PIMPLES? Well, they say if you find one on your chin, someone is crushing on you. Hmm… a secret admirer? At least there is one positive to those pesky little bumps!

pimple on chin superstition

How do you feel about today… Are you superstitious? Happy Friday the 13th! ?

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