December 18, 2020

True or False: Cutting your hair makes it grow faster?

You’ve heard it in the salon. You’ve heard it from your friends. It sounds right, but is it true? Does cutting your hair REALLY make it GROW faster?!

 I love my hair and I change it up pretty frequently. And guess what I am thinking of doing next… Growing it out! I recently cut about 3 inches off and it definitely needed it. My ends were very dry and split. I had some damaged as a result of highlighting and heat styling every day. It seemed like it wasn’t growing and was just stuck at the same length. So, the questions is… will it grow faster now that I got it cut?!


Here’s the thing, getting a haircut or trim helps your hair to look and feel healthier. Getting rid of all those dry, split ends makes a huge difference. Instead of ends continuing to split up ward & making the hair feel like it is at a standstill point growth-wise, they are now healthy and shiny! So…when is it going to grow?!


To answer that question, we have to start at the scalp! Hair growth starts at the follicle, not at the ends. When following a healthy diet and properly cleansing the scalp to promote good, healthy follicles, free of excess oil and debris, the hair will follow suit and have optimum condition for growth! Trimming the ends helps to promote the appearance of longer, fuller, healthier hair!

So, my “Grow out” plan is to eat right, take care of my scalp and get regular trims. I’ll be Rapunzel in no time and so will you!

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