September 8, 2017

Taking the Perfect Photo for your Instagram Profile!

As Beauty professionals, Instagram along with other social media sites are very important tools for us to use when building our businesses [our brands]. It is an easy way for us to showcase our work, gain exposure, attract new clients and it can even lead to the possibility of future job opportunities.

When it comes to getting your name [your brand] out there on Instagram, the most important part is the photo. Your photos tell a story to your visitors: it lets them know who you are, what your profile is about and what they can expect from you. Here are some key tips to getting the perfect pictures that are sure to showcase your work and your brand in a positive & beautiful way!


“What is that in the background?”: For Beauty professionals, the most important pictures are those of beautiful styles, gorgeous makeup & dazzling nails. It’s important to let your subject SHINE! After taking your photo, stop and really look at it. Notice your background: do you see dirty towels, and pop bottle, and un-swept pile on the floor or how about a strange reflection? These little things tend to go unnoticed by the photographer but believe me, it is the first thing your audience sees. Always make sure to clean your area or better yet, designate a specific spot for your pictures.


Light is your friend: Have you ever noticed that when your subject stands in front of the window your picture is dark? Stop blocking the light. Always remember to have the light hit your work. So, turn your model around and let that light SHINE on your subject!! Same goes for taking photos in any room or area… if your subject is dark & the background is bright, simply pause and look for your light source. Quick Tip: natural lightening is AWESOME!


Don’t let your work get lost: If your subject has dark hair, you should probably find a lighter backdrop [such as a white wall] to photograph your work against. Same goes for those with blonde hair or any other color. Pay attention the colors & tones of your subject. Then find a contrasting area that lets your work POP! Quick Tip for those with dark hair: Take your photo after your service is complete & you have removed the cape Dark hair tends to blend right into capes & towels.


Quality over Quantity: We’ve all heard the saying… and it’s true even when it comes to Instagram. Do not feel like you have to post every picture that you took. You want to keep your audience engaged. If visitors have to scroll through 10 blurry photos, repeats & similar shots, they more than likely are going to miss those 2 AWESOME pictures you had! So, before you post always start by checking out each photo: Delete the blurry ones, glance through all those of similar poses & find your best ones

Pause before posting: I know, I know… we all get excited about wanting to share our work! It’s very easy to snap & post BUT… Give yourself some time to take a step back. Walk away, return in 20 minutes and then LOOK through all your photos. Trust me… you will probably notice a few details that would not have jumped out at you earlier during your excitement.


With these quick tips in mind, your photos are bound to look their best!! Experiment and try different techniques. Find areas and lightening that works best for you! Now, get out there and take some photos!

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