June 16, 2017

How to Talk to Clients in the Salon: Learn to TALK the TALK

How to Talk to Clients in the Salon
Talking to your clients is an essential part of being a successful stylist. By building rapport and communicating effectively, you can create a positive and welcoming environment for your clients. Learn all the secrets of successful communication with your clients in our blog posts.

How to build rapport and trust with clients?

It might sound obvious, but your “clientele” consists of clients. Don’t ever forget; the size and quality of your clientele will determine the size and quality of your paycheck, so learning how to keep your clients coming back is of the utmost importance. From a business standpoint, learning to talk to your customer is every bit as important as performing the artistry behind cosmetology. Today, we focus on building rapport; stay tuned for serving clients through improved communication!

How to Talk to Clients in the Salon


Don’t overlook this. It’s so simple, but can’t be emphasized enough. Next time you walk in a room, take note of how you are received. Does everyone stop what they’re doing, smile and shout your name? Or do they barely look your way? How does each reaction make you feel? It’s the same with clients. If you are genuinely happy to see them, they’ll be happy to see you. And if you’re happy to see each other, then it’s much more likely the two of you will see each other again and again.

*** (Don’t be afraid to practice greeting people in the mirror! Yes. It’s that important.) ***

Be my guest.

The first key to fun conversation, as well as productive conversation, is ensuring your guest is comfortable.

No one is listening when they’re too cold, or too hot, or if they’re hungry or tired. Have a plan making sure the guest in your chair isn’t hampered with some easily remedied physical hardship. Always remember: This is your guest!

As soon as someone sits in your chair, they are relying on you to make them comfortable. Have you ever been served a meal in a restaurant, but the server didn’t bring you a fork? You’d likely be happy to get the fork yourself, but it’s not your place. You don’t know were anything is. You are dependent on the server.

It’s the same with the guest in your chair. Their comfort is dependent on you. Simply asking a client how you can help them be more comfortable can mean the difference between your customer becoming a longtime client, or only a one-timer.

Be my guest


Be attentive to your client. Don’t be distracted. Your client should have your undivided attention.


Along with focusing, comes listening. Make certain you hear what they’re saying, but also that you understand what they mean. Resist the temptation to talk about you, most people’s favorite topic is themselves. HOWEVER, be aware that there is a minority of people that do not enjoy the focus of conversation on them. Distinguishing which type of personality is sitting in your chair is critical to good conversation.


Nothing makes another person feel more warm, comfortable and trusting than a genuine smile. Don’t miss out on this incredibly easy, important and learnable skill. A warm smile will go further towards developing conversation then nearly anything else. When was the last time you did a little smiling practice in the mirror at home?

Easy topics.

Have a few easy, non-invasive topics of conversation ready. Does the person like sports? Be aware of the time of year so you can ask if they’re up on the current sporting event. What reality TV shows are getting down to the final cuts? You don’t have to watch every show, but being aware of what’s going on in the world can help you navigate conversations with people that like those hot topics.


Above all else, be genuine and authentic and give every client your best effort.

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