June 24, 2016

7 Successful Habits to Attract Clientele in the Health and Beauty Industry

Congratulations! You have landed your DREAM JOB in the Health and Beauty Industry! So what comes next? To manage or be a part of a successful salon/spa, you have to know how to attract clientele then sell to that clientele. La’ James International College’s Seven Standards of Guest Services will help you start successful habits in the HBM Industry!

The Greeting – Communicating a greeting of welcome to stimulate a successful start of a good guest relationship. Good communication will help build and strengthen long-lasting relationship with your clients.

Consultation – The connection between the guest and the professional to achieve top results. Effective communication allows you to listen to the client in order to accurately find and fulfill their needs.

Exceeding Guest Expectation – Commitment to quality service by communicating effectively to ensure a result of great satisfaction. What does exceptional Customer Service look and feel like? What are the little things that can be done to stand out to your clientele?

Efficient Time – Assurance of the most complete service in the most efficient time possible. Value and respect the guest’s time.

Rebook – Proper maintenance can only be achieved by reserving services on a regular basis by the professional to ensure guest satisfaction. Focus on how to effectively plan, up-serve and track your daily activities.

Referral – Is the best “Thank You” and is an endorsement that guests give us by referring to others. Learn how to market your own business.

Retail – Professionally recommending and educating guests about products to use at home increases trust and loyalty and is professional responsibility. Identify the difference between selling and serving.

These habits are time tested and proven methods used successfully by Health and Beauty Professionals to attract clientele, increase sales, grow income and to be better prepared for immediate success upon graduation.

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