October 14, 2019

Why is image important?

Why is image important?

What’s an image and why is it important? In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of an image in your career and for your brand, as well as provide steps to enhance it.

What is Image?

Image is the collection of external messages that we communicate (intentionally or not) about our inner selves. We communicate these messages not just through our appearance, but through our actions, our speech and our lifestyles. Everything we say and do communicates something about us. Everything contributes to our external image.

Why Is Image Important?

Image is so important because the way you present yourself has a profound impact on your career. And it’s not just your body language, hair and makeup, or how you dress, image is also your social media presence.

If a potential employer or client/guest wants to know more about you, all they need to do is search your internet activities. What do you want them to see? Take a look at what comes up when you google yourself. Do you see pictures of a party girl or a serious professional with pictures of your work?

What Can You Do to Improve Your Image?

Now is the time to clean house. Here are some useful steps on what you can do to enhance your image and your brand:

  • Limit your social network to close family & friends.
  • Make sure your privacy settings limit who has access to your personal information.
  • Remove pictures and posts that do not portray you in a professional light.
  • Set up accounts that market your skills and services.

Begin TODAY building your business with your personal brand and logo. The old saying still holds true, “Never post anything that you would not want your Grandma to see!”.

Explore esthetics for career and personal growth

In today’s visually-driven world, image holds an unprecedented level of importance. Recognizing the significance of image, our Esthetics Program in Iowa is designed to help you harness the potential of esthetics in your career and life.

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