April 1, 2019

Your One-Step Prom Hair Guide

There’s nothing in the world like prom night. When you’re in high school, few things in life are as important as going to prom with that special someone. For an amazing prom night, it’s essential to get everything right, including your hairstyle. With loads of options out there, this blog post has cool prom hair ideas that you can check out and give a shot.

Prom Hairstyle Trends

In this blog post, we’ve curated a collection of chic and trendy ideas for your prom hairstyle:

Classic Updo

The updo continues to be a prom tradition. If you have shoulder-length hair or longer, you can bundle your hair up for a stylish look that gives you that glitzy feeling. It goes great with a cocktail dress, a strapless number or a halter-top. Show off a glamorous pair of earrings or styles your hair in a super cute bun. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with the updo.

Inspiration by Trista from LJIC Iowa City

Here are a few related tutorials we created that can serve as inspiration for classic updos:

Hair Down

Go ahead and let your hair down. If you’re going for the all-natural look, then you might as well let your hair be. You can style it with a few beach waves, a sleek straight-down look or keep it a little bit messy. Wear it with a cocktail dress, a little black dress or a dazzling sequin dress. The hair down look is for less maintenances and more fun.

Inspiration by Callista from LJIC Iowa City

If you’d like to try a fun and new hairstyle with your hair down for your prom night, check out our DIY Overnight Beach Waves tutorial.


The braid is always a good choice if you’re going for a more conservative look. Wear it with a fancy ball gown or a mermaid dress for a stylish combo. You’ll need shoulder-length hair or longer to pull of the braid. The look usually features one long braid that’s either worn on the left or right shoulder.

Inspiration by Lesly from LJIC Des Moines

Here are a few interesting hairstyle tutorials that might inspire you if you opt for braids for your prom night:

Half Up, Half Down

Always adorable, the half up half down look is a must if you’re going for the princess look. Part of your hair hangs around your shoulders, while the rest is kept in a neat bun, or braided or not. You can wear it with a sweetheart dress or an elegant one-shoulder dress. You’ll be the belle of the ball.

Inspiration by Alexia from LJIC Des Moines

If you choose half-ups for your prom night, you can experiment with our DIY half-up tutorial.

Related Prom Hair Questions

What Are Some Easy Prom Hairstyles that I Can Do Myself?

Get a stunning prom hairstyle without needing a pro! Try out the following haircuts:

  • Try classics like the twisted chignon or a cute half-up crown braid.
  • For a fun twist, go for a headband braid or a fishtail braid ponytail.
  • If you prefer something flowing, check out the waterfall braid.
  • Keep it simple with sleek straight hair, or add waves for a beachy vibe.
  • Want a modern look? Try a polished high ponytail with a cool headband or bow!

What makeup goes well with different prom hairstyles?

Choosing the right makeup to match your prom hairstyle is essential for a stunning look on your big night!

  • For elegant updos like a chignon or braided crown, go for romantic glam with soft smoky eyes and a bold red lip.
  • Playful twists, such as messy buns or waterfall braids, pair well with bohemian chic makeup featuring warm eyeshadows and bronzed skin.
  • Keep it simple and chic with natural goddess makeup, ideal for straight hair or beachy waves.

I have a specific dress style, what hairstyles would compliment it best?

A specific type of prom dress can significantly impact your prom hairstyle.

  • If you have a flowy A-line dress, consider romantic updos like braided crowns or soft half-up styles to match its elegance.
  • If you’re wearing a mermaid dress, go for sleek ponytails or cascading waves to add some drama.
  • Choose loose curls or side braids for an off-the-shoulder dress to bring out its femininity.
  • If your dress has a high neckline, balance it with softer styles like messy buns or textured waves.

Prom Hair Guide – Wrapping Up

Now armed with these prom hair tips, we’re confident you’ll shine on your prom night. Remember, prom hair can truly make or break your look, so choose wisely to ensure it complements your dress style and suits your hair type and length.

If you’re eager to master the art of creating beautiful prom hairstyles like a pro, explore our cosmetology school program for more information. With confidence, you can skillfully help your clients achieve the stunning prom looks they desire.

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